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Author: Sebastian Zarzycki (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: June 27, 2007 7:26 PM
Version: 0.1 alpha
Views: 66,899
Downloads: 2,214
License: Apache License, Version 2


Update : first release has been made. You can download and test it, also play with open source code. This whole project was needed for my university classes, but I plan to develop it further, in more organized manner. Any help, ideas, etc. are welcome.

File is ~30mb. Sorry, that's the whole LCDS server packed in :/


The purpose of Weeki is :

- Learning

To get grip on architecting and developing RIA application on SOA architecture, struggling with various new problems regarding clientside computation and preserving state.

To master Flex and Flash skills, aswell as various Flex (Apollo hopefully too?) tools and frameworks, such as Cairngorm.

- Creating

To make a functional Flex counterpart of current wiki system. We would like to mimic current Wiki behaviour, but add a rich interface to that, enabling users to manage content in efficient and effective way, making them forget about typical wikipage structure.

The initial business case for Weeki is to build a good-looking, easy to use, understand and install system for small companies/projects.

- Methodology

Project will be conducted using agile Scrum methodology, which (generalizing) means that we plan to make short-period iterations, adding more and more functionality, after being sure that basic stuff works.

Recent Blog Entries:

6/27/07 Release!


- Newest Flash Player (9.0.x)
- (optionally) Web Browser that can embed Flash Player
- J2EE container that supports Flex Data Services (Tomcat 6.0 is fine)
- SQL Database (MySQL preferrably)

Issue Tracker:

3 Code is messy Open 06/27/07 6:42 PM
2 Links aren't really working Open 06/27/07 6:41 PM
1 Tree page updating Open 06/27/07 6:39 PM

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